Air/Oil Separators

Air/Oil Separators produced by Fai Filtri are available in basket type or spin-on type cartridges made easy to install and replace. These separators are appropriate for air/oil separation through coalescence. Ideal for installing on rotary screw or vane compressors and interchangeable with the world’s leading manufacturers of separator products.  Flow rates from 0.6 to 7 m3/min and flow rates up to 45 m3/ min. Custom sizes are available upon request.


Download Attachments: AIR-OIL-SEPARATORS-DCC-DFE-DFN-DFF.pdf

Series FDS/DSP

Download Attachments: FDS-DSP-AIR-OIL-SEPARATORS.pdf

Troubleshooting Guide

Download Attachments: Air-Oil-Separator-Troubling-Shooting-Guide.pdf
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